sarahHi! My name is Sarah Young, the owner and photographer of Sodabee Photography. I primarily work in Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah county, but gladly welcome travel! If you are from Scotland or the Pacific Northwest or would like to elope there,  I think you NEED me to photograph your story!

Who I am
3 quirky, rambunctious kids run my house.
I am married to the smartest man I have ever met , who happens to be addicted to Legos
I love me some The Beatles and Arcade Fire.
Dig anything having to do with the UK. See above.
If I could be a full-time student, I would.
I am really into Saturday Night Live. Like, REALLY into it. At one point, I was convinced that I was going to be a writer for SNL and become besties with Lorne Michaels.
Tina Fey is my spirit animal.
Neuropsychology nerd.

About My Photography

i love natural light and gorgeous outdoor locations make me giddy!  i like to be authentic and take risks, so i pair well with couples and families that are big-hearted, free-spirited, and will let me take the reigns! i like a combination of natural/candid images full of love and personality with perfectly posed portraits oozing with

Where the name “Sodabee” came from

My nickname has always been Sarah Sodapop… which morphed into Soda. The “bee” portion comes from my family. My dad is a 3rd generation beekeeper and I have always just loved bees! I really wanted to incorporate a bee somewhere and what better way than to make it part of my photography business logo and name? Sodabee just had a nice ring to it.

Where do I sign up?

I’m glad you asked! Take a look around. Chat out the ol’ blog HERE or just contact me!

I’d love to hear from you!
Please fill out the form below for any questions. If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours please contact me directly at Sarah@SodabeePhotography.com or on my mobile at 801.808.7287.

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