Oh, Southern Utah. You have my heart. Ya know that? Any excuse I have to get down there, I take it… even if it means I have to make up a reason. This time of year, especially, I long for it! I’m a total wimp when it comes to the cold, so this winter, though it’s been quite mild, still has me jonesin for spring.

While I can’t make spring come any faster, I CAN travel south for some warmth. We opted to St. George’s Snow canyon. The colors and vastness are breathtaking. One of Utah’s hidden gems. Lucky for us the wind picked up at the end so we got to enjoy the crazy hair and dress weather I love so much. To top it off, the sky gave us a moody show!

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 hereby declare that I LOVE being a Southern Utah engagement photographer! 1000% worth the drive. Every. Time.

Written by sarahkyoung14

Photographer for stately, romantic weddings with a touch of whimsy. I mix film with digital and I love to mix lifestyle with more traditional portraits because I hate being boxed into one category. I love my job and I love getting to know you!

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