Meet Kristen and Chris (perfect names, right?)

When I first met these two, we clicked instantly.  They are both so kind and down-to-earth but I also really liked that they knew what they were looking for.  When I asked them what kind of engagement shoot would fit them best, words like “snowy”, “mountains”, and “trees” were thrown around.  I immediately had the perfect location in mind.  When we arrived, it was surprisingly warm for a winter engagement session in Utah, and in the mountains no less. There was still snow on the ground but we didn’t have to worry about dragging a coat around for in-between moments or red noses.  I can Photoshop them out but it’s not a fun use of my time.

Right off the bat these two were comfortable with me and, most importantly, with each other.  Some of the pictures I got of them looked liked poses but no, they were just Chris and Kristen naturally snuggling up to each other or sneaking a kiss.

I just finished shooting Kristen’s bridal session and believe me when I say that they are remarkable!  You’ll have to wait until after the wedding to see them.  Sorry Chris!  I can’t chance you seeing them!

I love winter engagement sessions because it almost forces couples to be snuggly. You can start your process of getting your engagements taken by clicking HERE!



Written by sarahkyoung14

Photographer for stately, romantic weddings with a touch of whimsy. I mix film with digital and I love to mix lifestyle with more traditional portraits because I hate being boxed into one category. I love my job and I love getting to know you!

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