My dream of dreams came true! At the beginning of 2016 I set some goals. Some were the usual: do X amount of weddings, be more organized, etc. One of them, however, was a bit less ordinary. I have this dream of doing many different types of weddings, spanning many different cultures. Since I can’t really travel much (kids, you know), I was hoping with all hope that I could find people in Utah who are from somewhere else and want to celebrate their marriage traditionally. I remember having this conversation with my friend and in that moment putting out the vibes. When this wedding came to me, I was stoked! When I met the couple, Ruchi and Prawen, I was ecstatic! They are the most down-to-earth, warm, welcoming couple I have ever met. Get this: they are both from Nepal but MET in Idaho!
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Their wedding was a 2-day affair. The first day was the ceremony. Ruchi told me that Nepalese ceremonies are pretty long. I was thinking, oh, an hour or so. 4 hours later and they were still going strong. I loved all of the symbolism and tradition of their ceremony. Every little thing they do means something. My favorite tradition was how the groom’s family comes to the wedding. The bride’s family waits at the temple with treats and gifts for the groom’s family. The whole side of the family arrives together. And boy do they make an entrance! They came in blazing Nepalese celebration music! Once they parked, the bride’s male family members greet them with confetti and blessings around the car. Still, that music is blaring. I loved all of the older women who were just rocking out! Once the groom makes his way to the temple, the bride’s mother is at the door to perform a ritual and welcoming mini ceremony. Again, more confetti. More dancing. More gift giving! Fooooooooood! Americans are doing it all wrong! Those from Nepal know how to throw a party! How can you not be excited to join a family with that type of rockstar greeting?
Day 2 was, yet again, a party. A party with the most amazing food I have EVER had. I mean that! Highlight of night 2: when 3 girls performed a dance for the bride and groom another joined in, then another, then another. before we knew it there was a flash mob right on the dance floor with just about everyone who had learned a dance and were performing it for Ruchi and Praweg! Such a treat!
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The bride and groom were simple stunning! Let’t take a minute to admire…
ruchi-2-web-512 ruchi-2-web-424 ruchi-2-web-448 ruchi-2-web-483 ruchi-2-web-478 utah wedding photographer Nepalese Hindu Wedding utah wedding photographer ruchi-2-web-550 ruchi-2-web-551 ruchi-2-web-552 Nepalese Hindu Wedding Nepalese Hindu Wedding Nepalese Hindu Wedding Nepalese Hindu Wedding ruchi-2-web-573 ruchi-2-web-503 ruchi-2-web-442 ruchi-2-web-299

Day 2: Party continued…
ruchi-reception-web-208  ruchi-reception-web-123 ruchi-reception-web-90 ruchi-reception-web-44 ruchi-reception-web-143 ruchi-reception-web-153
Now that I’ve done it, please Universe, let me continue being a Utah Hindu wedding photographer. This was too much fun not to do again!

Written by sarahkyoung14

Photographer for stately, romantic weddings with a touch of whimsy. I mix film with digital and I love to mix lifestyle with more traditional portraits because I hate being boxed into one category. I love my job and I love getting to know you!

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