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Cactus and Tropicals is always a favorite wedding venue for me. For one, the flowers and interior are amazing! For two, the lighting is crazy good because it’s a greenhouse and the top is a big white cover with yummy diffused light leaking through. Lastly, warmth. Sweet, glorious warmth. Can you really go wrong with a value that has an outdoor feel with indoor heating? I think not. Even for a summer wedding, yo just never know truly how the weather will be!

Anyway, meet Weston and Monique. They are just about the cutest couple I have EVER come across. I did almost no posing for them at all. They just fall into these natural poses and I’m just there to document. I kind of just placed them in places where I liked the light and said “ok, go. Do what you guys do” and everything fell into place. I’ll post their engagements and bridals on another day, but I have to tell you their sweet story. So, I guess Monique always had a bit of a crush on Weston. Monique is really good friends with Weston’s younger sister, so when Weston went on his mission, the two girls formulated a plan to make them become sister-in-laws. So boom, Weston came home and everything went according to plan! I get the feeling that things just fall into place for these two. They were the most easy going couple I think ever. Sure, they wanted things to be pretty, but what they were most concerned about was each other….. and that her dress had pockets! I love that when Monique bought her dress the first thing she told Weston was “it has pockets!!!”. Lucky for them, everything was not only pretty but perfection! I loved the pumpkins everywhere and the gold touches. Most of all, I loved the pretzels! They had a pretzel bar with different dips! I’m a gosh darn sucker for pretzels! I maaaaaaaay have eaten my weight in pretzels that night.

SLC temple weddinghankweb-14SLC temple weddingSLC temple weddingUtah Wedding Photography
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I know what you’re thinking… you’re in love with them too, aren’t you? I can’t say that I blame you! Now, my goal as of lately is to be the best Utah wedding photographer I can be, and with couples like this, it’s just too easy! They make it LOOK too easy! Surely a couple can’t be that perfect. But yes… yes they can.

MUA: Jessica Marie Makeup
Venue: SLC Temple and Cactus and Tropicals

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Photographer for stately, romantic weddings with a touch of whimsy. I mix film with digital and I love to mix lifestyle with more traditional portraits because I hate being boxed into one category. I love my job and I love getting to know you!

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